My First Flight in India 01:13
Rap, Art and God 04:48

Rap, Art and God

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My First Flight in India 01:13
first PAL.mp4 04:24

first PAL.mp4

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Unconditional Love 04:27

Unconditional Love

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Is Love a Feeling? 02:50

Is Love a Feeling?

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Our Identity in Christ 03:03
Laughing with Purpose 04:38
The Purpose of Faith 02:38
The Bible as Evidence 03:35
Agnostic 02:20


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The Danger of Seeking God 02:14
Does God Heal Our Pain? 02:56
Why Read the Bible? 02:13
Religion or Relationship? 02:07
Finding God Through Art 04:49
Reading the Pamphlet 05:33
More is More? 03:02

More is More?

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Experiencing Jesus 02:44

Experiencing Jesus

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Questions and Gaps 01:59

Questions and Gaps

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